Enterprise Resource Planning

Prepare slowly

Success of developing a complex business solution is typically already set before the development begins.

We make a lot of effort to analyze, prepare and specify.
You and us will both know exactly what you will get for what price before we start building.

Develop fast

Once the specification and agreements are set, we develop the system through predefined millstones.

No surprises, no never ending cycles, exact, precise and production ready.

Quality obsessed

Unit testing.
Integration testing.
Automated testing.
Continuous integration.

No exceptions. No cutting corners.

We sit together with a coffee and discuss broadly.

Tea is also fine.

We don't feel comfortable asking tough questions, if we don't have proper trust baseline.

Before we continue, we will bring NDA agreement protecting all Your information. It is essential to build healthy relationship, professional and honest from the start. NDA agreements are another little step in right direction. .

Depending on problem, resources, both time and budget, scope of people that will use the system and other critical details, we will offer concept solution.

As old Chinese saying goes: "If Your Only Tool Is a Hammer Then Every Problem Looks Like a Nail". We don't believe that there is single silver bullet solution for every situation.

We build our strength and flexibility using range of Enterprise platforms on which we build our solutions, from Odoo, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite or even old fashioned classic applications, we believe that every approach has its strengths and weaknesses.

Sometimes the optimal solutions will be single platform, sometimes it will be range of integrated platforms from several providers - leveraging their capabilities, strengths and pricing options.

The goal is modern, flexible and economically sustainable solutions that optimally fits your specific needs.

With concept solutions we provide rough cost estimates.

Our consultants through series of conversations, document and verify your existing business processes.

We prefer UI Mockups to pile of plain text that is hard to visualize. This approach is more expensive for us, but yields way better results. How many times you have found yourself approving documentation after exhausting sessions after sessions just to spend first few seconds glancing over final product with - THIS IS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED!

Our technology is advanced, our solutions are exciting, our methodology is cutting edge - but the development - we prefer it boring.

We love short and simple agreements.

  • What we will deliver

  • When we will deliver

  • How much does it cost

  • How to exit the agreement, protection of the data and migration options.

Each phase is built from tasks. Each task has clear goals and timeline.
You as a client have access to our internal Project management, having direct online insight into what is happening in real time. Through Portal!

We live what we preach.

We have found that combination of this two teaching techniques works best. 

  1. Introductory workshop providing first hands-on experience

  2. Short focused video tutorials guiding through all workflows for independent learning

  3. In detail workshop to provide deep understanding of the system

Just as the poem "No man is an Island" by John Donne says, no man or solutions lives on it's own.
Migration is often most technically challenging and complicated step.

As we insist to develop agile lean modules, we will need to do a lot of precise migrations and synchronizations with your other business solutions.

Don't worry, we are hard core professionals, this is were we especially shine - migrations and integrations.

We really don't believe in manual copy paste.

This is a happy moment for both of our companies.

In the end, it is not really about having best software, best solutions and tools. It is always about people.

You can be our people, and we never ever abandon our people.

We want to hear about Your experiences, challenges and suggestions.

We are here for you.