Company team

Andreja Topolovec
MBA, certified accountant

Founder and chief visionary, Andreja is the driving force behind OnMisn. Patient and experienced in dealing with real people on real projects.

Plus, she is the Boss, so only nice things about her.

Company team

Dalibor Ljubić

Honest, devoted and dependable. Takes responsibility for everything, and knows how to listen.

Difference between any disaster and success is people. He is that people.

Company team

Jerislav Bobić
certified mediator

Solution Architect with passion for security, scale and performance. Little bit on over-engineering side but with great humor and keen insight on technology trends, balancing current with future.

OnMisn has a mission to help with challenges of business digitization and financial management - so You can focus on Your core business.

Our most important values are best customer support and truthful relationship with client.